Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where in the World Will the Borens Go??

Tis the season
the summer internship application season that is
This is by far the hardest decision
it kind of consumes our conversations 
in a fun way of course
There are just sooooo many places to go! 
So many opportunities out there
how do you decide???
how do you know what's best?
what's going to prepare us the most?
what about return offers?

Jack is thinking about doing an investment banking this summer
which would honestly be incredible
he would learn soooooo much
 it would really provide a great foundation to go forward with his career
There aren't really any negatives to be honest
besides for the fact he would have to work 100 hours a week :(
but it's only four months, right??

Lots of questions and planning go into picking the perfect internship...
First off we both graduate next year so this is our last summer in school
So the return offer is always an option
but will we want to be there after graduation?
What is going to best prepare us?
Where will we be able to meet people?
Where do we want to live?
What are benefits of living there?
All these and about a thousand more questions have gone into consideration
but I think we have narrowed it down a bit

A definite options is:

Jack grew up there so he has lots of people he knows
grandpa Tom lives there
and lots of family friends
it is the number 3 news network in the nation which is exciting!
and a little intimidating let's be real
TONS to do, and we would definitely want to live there


Another possibility

For obvious reasons
It is definitely a popular option
and a million opportunities are in New York
We would be happy living there after graduation for a bit
but neither of us can imagine staying there too long
but let's be honest
it's New York
and as a little girl I always wanted to move to NYC to become the next Anna Wintour
so who knows... it could happen
we'd probably be there for a couple of months and become addicted to the energy
New York definitely makes me more excited about work (I mean it is the top dog)
but not as excited as the life of living in Chicago.
 Strange? I don't know...
after next months visits I am sure we will have clearer understandings


Another option:

The biggest city in the world!
I have never seen anything like this place
Jack served his mission in Brazil so he speaks the language
and Brazil would be so incredible for him and what he wants to be doing
Supposedly the markets there are growing like crazy
Jack knows a few people down there who would love to have him on board
So it would definitely be an adventure!
I will be honest I can't help but be a tiny bit afraid
considering I don't speak any Portuguese
or really know anything about Brazil
but it would be one of those crazy out of this world experiences


Last two:

Jack's sister Amanda really thinks it would be a good idea for us to get out of the country
it differentiates you from the crowd when applying to business school later on
which definitely makes sense
London and Singapore are both very large financial markets
and would provide incredible opportunities
plus talk about two amazing places to explore!!!


I guess when it all comes down to it, it all depends on who wants us!
We are applying now and should most likely be hearing back in the next couple of months..
crazy to be thinking this far ahead
but I really am getting anxious to know!
It's not like planning the summer in Chicago would be anything like a summer in Singapore
sadly, only time will tell

Love you all,


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