Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Things have gotten pretty crazy around here!
The other day I was working the Utah volleyball game when I got a call
it was from Fox :)

I got the job!

I seriously got the job
I am a Fox 13 Producer
I just cannot believe it 

I mean I did apply.. and then I got an interview... and then another one
but the fact I got the job is just too far beyond what I actually thought was possible 
it has yet to sink in
even though I already had my first day
I started yesterday :)

It was pretty insane
I work for the nightside crew so I write for the 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 9 o'clock news
Because I am still in school I'm scheduled 30 hours a week 
so if you watch the news Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturday mornings
chances are you'll see my name :)

So I got to Fox at 1 yesterday
after a production meeting and the grand tour where I met a thousand people whose names have already left my memory, I got started writing
In the meeting they give everyone their assignments for the night
Since it was my first day I only had 4 assignments but on average I'll write about 20 segments a day
I clip all the sound and video, create all the graphics, and of course write all the scripts.
When my show is on air I am in the control room 
I am the person that cues everyone
So all the reporters (there are usually 5) and the anchors start talking when I say go

I'm going to be honest
it was a really intense day
but every "first day" no matter what it's for, is typically overwhelming
new people, new environment, you know nothing, oh and you're the new girl
it's just how it is!
there is soooooooo much for me to learn
I have never written anything for "hard news"
I am definitely a feature kind of gal
light and fluffy :)
but I am really excited to take on this overwhelming challenge
I feel so stinking lucky to be there
I am by far the youngest and most inexperienced in the room
but I think it is important to be myself and take full advantage of this opportunity

So when I came across this quote today
I thought it was very fitting :)

Have a beautiful week



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