Friday, October 24, 2014

Feature Friday

This week I got to do a really fun feature!
Since all I do is write features at school right ;)
Next week I am being forced to do some investigative reporting.... 
haha but for now I still get to enjoy my light, fluffy features
so I first wrote this full page article on the campus food trucks
for one of my digital journalism classes
our site is called
if you want to check it out

after interviewing like 30 students and all the truck owners
it was very clear who the favorite was
I'll try to be biased...
but let's be real

Café Trang
is delicious!

Anyone have some serious ideas for next week's show???
interrogating people has never really been my strongest suit...
I like to interview people to congratulate them on success
highlight their greatest moments
make them feel great
interrogations kinda scare me....
things get bad 
people get deffensive
and then they hate you for life
I don't do well when people hate me.....
Do you know.... The Muffin Man???

So far people have suggested I do:
Crime on campus aka rape....
Bacteria on keyboards in the library
Would University Hospital would be ready if someone in Utah was diagnosed with Ebola?
As you can imagine... I am still deciding ;)



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