Monday, October 6, 2014

In N.Y.C.

This weekend was sure an exciting one 
Jack and I got to visit the big apple for a few days!
I haven't been since I was a little 12 year-old.
My momma took me to fashion week,
so my memories of NY are all very magical.
This weekend did not disappoint 
it was soooo wonderful to be there with my sweet hubby.

Last week was our 6 month anniversary 
6 MONTHS!!!! AHH!! 
Time has flown by, my goodness
so we told people we were there celebrating our anniversary
which is true.... kinda ;)

While exploring we stumbled across this gem of a store
I call this photo a few of my favorite things:
Jack (duh), Radio City, Bagels, and Sushi

 After lots of delicious pizza, skipping down streets singing Annie, shopping at Zara, exploring every news studio and people watching
 (the best place ever! I have literally been watching blondy, who's about 49,  in the airport for an hour flirt with every man that sits down by her at the bar. She has finally struck gold! It started with innocent flirting, then booty rubbing, now they are totally macking!!! ahhh I am dying!!)
See-No-Evil Monkey 
We are homeward bound
See you soon!



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