Friday, October 3, 2014


I know I made that goal awhile back to write everyday
and while I haven't been able to maintain that here with how crazy life has been
but I can assure you I have been writing everyday
This week I am working on three different packages for the show
praying they will turn out because you have no idea how much time goes into two minutes of television
until you're the one creating it!

Last night Tatey received his endowment.
It was so special to have my entire family together in the temple again
We were sealed together almost 3 years ago now
 and this time we were all there with my sweet hubby :)
The whole mish thing just got really real but.... let's not think about that

The PAC-12 has been fun
besides for the fact almost every night is consumed with watching sports. 
Before and after the games is really fun (which is good because it takes like 10 hours each)
But during the game is another story
During the game my job is to watch Maria

If she comes unplugged 
then the whole game is ruined...
Many would think this is the best part
 I mean look at some of the seats I've gotten

But if I am being completely honest....
I usually end up reading...
and they still pay me :)

Currently at a Volleyball game 
I promise, sometimes I really do work!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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