Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Because I have the sincerest fear of not having enough to do
I tend to sign up for everything...
I mean I just try to give everything a solid chance
and then I typically will have a stress attack and can't breath right for a week...
last week...
but it usually ends up working out in the end :)

Have you every watched the movie Yes Man??
I'm going to be honest.... Jim Carrey usually drives me crazy but this movie is one of my faves
Maybe because it reminds me of my brother
or because I crack up every time I see it
but basically Jim agrees to say yes to everything
and I have to admit.... I tend to be this way
If I haven't tried something, or have been asked to do something or go somewhere and have time,
I usually end up saying yes.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a good way to do things
but it has provided me with a few fun experiences and opportunities 

Including being a part of this senate campaign!
I was asked if I wanted to help out a woman who is running for office and of course, I agreed
I mean, I have never been a part of a campaign before!
And I'm not committing my life or anything, the election is like 4 weeks away

Being an on campus journalist has DEFINITELY brought this habit to my realization
every week I interview passionate presidents of different clubs 
so far I think every single one has invited me to an activity
Today I met with the gardeners of the Edible Campus Gardens

I joined their mailing list...
The girls were so nice! and I mean I have always dreamed of growing a beautiful garden

Before you think I am crazy 
Because I say yes too much
I got a call yesterday
It was from Fox-13
They asked me if I wanted to come in for an interview!!
which sadly first requires an in studio writing and political test
 but, needless to say...
I said YES YES YES!!!!!!

Praying for a miracle here because this could be sweeeeet!!!!!!

Loves and Kisses,


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