Thursday, November 13, 2014

Feeling Funky

My sweet brother leaves on his mission Wednesday....
5 days.
5 DAYS you guys..
needless to say
I have been extremely emotional.
It's horrible.
really horrible
Tatey and I have been best friends ever since the little guy was born.
We were both kind of homebodies
I can't help that I love my cute little family so much I never wanted to leave!

I think about him and go visualize him sitting in his favorite little electric swing 
every time the swing would come forward I would say "awwww boooo!"
and he'd giggle like crazy 
seriously he just loved it!

now I look at him reading his scriptures, writing his farewell talk, buying new suits..
I can't help but miss him desperately 
and he hasn't even left yet :'(
so bare with me for slacking and hardly ever posting lately
I just haven't been myself this past week...
feeling rather funky
wanting to flash back (as long as jack can come) to being a little kid 
playing silly games, dumping mac and cheese on each others heads

 I really am so proud of him
sooooooooo proud
he's grown up into such an impressive little guy and he has soooo much ahead of him
he'll always be my bestie 
and he knows.... he's going to be getting a LOT of packages from this girl

Praying to keep it together just a few more days!
Richmond Virginia is too too lucky :)



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