Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's Official!

Well guys big news!!!
The Borens

after months of filling out applications and decision making
we have officially accepted an offer in.....
drum roll!!!!!!!

San Jose!!!!!
wooooooo wooooooo woooooo

My sweet hubs was offered this amazing position with Cisco
in their mergers and acquisitions department
or treasury
he's still deciding..
which is a pretty big deal 
so we are relocating out little family to Cali-Fornia
We are leaving sometime after the Spring semester ends
His official start date isn't until the second Monday in June 
so we have plenty of time to figure all the little details out :)
Just don't tell anyone at FOX because I will not be informing them for a few more months..

Even though we are going to be packing up the chateau in 5 months I don't care
I'm still decorating
I am soo proud of myself because I just completed my first big project
Jack had a business trip this week so I had the evening to hammer away
Don't judge because I just ordered the pictures to fill the frames :)
my momma and I have big plans for expansion...
but I am only allowed to hammer 10 holes in the wall or we loose our deposit....
so my collection will have to build after we move

We've have had lots fun projects
Christmas is definitely the best time for projects if you ask me!
Jack's mom went to this Christmas tree auction last month
basically Boise's equivalent to The Festival of Trees
so all the money raised on the trees go to the children's hospital
and she bought us the beauty!
It was seriously the sweetest surprise
One day Jack and I were talking about buying a tree
and the next this shows up all wrapped up :)

In other news... Tatey is doing absolutely wonderfully :)
his companion seems really sweet
Nate said he really pushes him
He is serving on this college campus right now
I guess one day (like his second day in the field) they went to this fountain in the center of campus
Porter (his comp) went on one side and Nate went on the other
they then stopped every person who walked by and would try to give a brief overview of the gospel
bare their testimony, and invite them to hear the discussions
They were also handing out cards to watch the video
(if you haven't seen it, it is really short and really well done
definitely worth watching) 
I couldn't imagine doing what he's doing right now!
Seriously imagine making yourself so vulnerable sharing the topic dearest to your heart at a college campus nonetheless...  
needless to say, I am so proud of him

Love you all :)
Merry Christmas!! 




  1. Oh my gosh!! So exciting!!!! Congratulations to Jack!!

  2. ashlie that's so exciting - congrats! we will be neighbors almost, because we will be in san fran. let's play, yes?

    1. Oh that is so so awesome Kayla!! I will be in the city every day so we will DEFINITELY have to meet up all the time!! That makes me so excited!!!!