Friday, May 30, 2014


Last night Jack and I spent the night volunteering away at
Ironically we were assigned to the non-alcoholic booth haha
I seriously think we had 6 customers in a 5 hour timeframe
We raised $12 ;)

The alcoholic booth on the other-hand.....
I'd dare to bet in an hour they sold 900 glasses of wine
It caused for great people watching though!

It surprisingly got SO busy
at first I was a tad worried at the beginning because of all the work that had gone into making this happen and there were like 30 people there,
but the night ended up selling out! Which was GREAT for us!
Most of the money goes to Salt Lake Magazine,
but a portion of the proceeds go to an organization called
Salt Lake Head Start
which is an organization which helps out kids from low-income families

I am going to be an honest critic right now and say.....
I wasn't too impressed with the food..... yikes I know!
I think restaurants tried to bring dishes that were "different" or "authentic"
 rather than their most popular dish.

There was this French restaurant that brought Cassoulet
Let me first say I was up to try anything
even when they told me it was cooked in goose fat.....
Cassoulet is an authentic French bean soup
Ours had smoked pork, or maybe it was duck.... Jack and I couldn't tell...
With a slice of this crunchy stale bread...
It honestly made me sick it was so disgusting!
That being said The Grand America brought beautiful Eclairs that would've washed taste right away,
but they were all gone...

Was that too harsh??
I mean I have to be honest!!
but it was a very fun night
Jack and I really did enjoy ourselves
and I feel we became very cultured ;)

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Happy Happy Graduation Tatey!
I love you!!



Thursday, May 29, 2014


Tonight is the start of Salt Lake Magazine's 
I feel like every day since starting with the magazine we have been prepping for this event

What it is:

So basically it is a progressive dinner
Dozens of the best restaurants in Utah will be lined up on Gallivan Ave
They will be offering a sample of their most popular dish or something else tasty 
Tickets are $30 (unless you call me to volunteer, then it's free :))

Here's the list:

Brio Tuscan Grille
Cafe Galleria
Cafe Niche
Copper Bowl
Del Mar Al Lago
Garden Cafe
Joffees Coffee
Just Organic Juice
Rodizio Grille
Texas de Brazil
Zucca Trattoria
Cafe Molise
From Scratch 
J. Wongs
Ruth's Chris
Market Street
New Yorker

Each restaurant will be offering exclusive discounts to anyone who attends
that last ALL SUMMER!!!!

Anyone free Thursday or Friday from 5-10 come to down to Salt Lake!
Look for Jack and me!!



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unpaid Internships

CondĂ© Nast officially announced they were discontinuing their internship program. Upon hearing this I was overcome with extreme disappointment. Women’s Wear Daily released this statement, “The end of the program comes after the publisher was sued this summer by two former interns who claimed they were paid below the minimum wage during internships at and The New Yorker.”

I have been thinking about this topic a lot since reading about it. I see two opinions regarding the topic: those who feel lucky to have the experience, and those who feel used.
With the scarce number of job openings for college graduates, the number of unpaid internships has skyrocketed. While the intern is not making any money, the student is provided a valuable opportunity for on-the-job training at a much lower cost than paying for class credit, while gaining much more experience.
For many successful journalists, unpaid internships are where they got their foot in the door. Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller stated regarding her three magazine internships, “I was completely broke, always tired, had no social life and yet — I wouldn’t trade it. Textbooks can’t teach you experience, and the education I received was greater than I thought it could be.”
In 2011, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 82 percent of graduating students had held internships, up from the 17 percent shown in a 1999 study by Northwestern University. 70 percent of these are unpaid. Editor from the New York Times stated it simply, “You work for free, get the experience, network, and you eventually get hired."

Producer Melvin Mar’s internship experience was far from glamorous. As an unpaid intern he was responsible for picking his boss’ lunch up everyday, and keeping it scalding hot. He stated "I owe a lot to the lessons learned 15 years ago…it was about getting it right, the details. It prepared me for everything else.”
On the contrary one Ivy League student stated, “I spent three months interning at a magazine, unpaid. There I packaged and shipped 20 or 40 apparel samples a day back to fashion houses that had provided them for photo shoots.” One must pay their dues before making it to the top. These are facts of the business, and teach details of the industry one would never learn without this experience.

Having an unpaid internship of my own, I have given this topic a lot of thought. Some days I see myself as a student and my bosses as teachers. Other days I am required to do mindless work, but I can honestly say it has taught me tenacity.  I know I want this. I have to put in the work first.
I thoroughly believe you cannot and will not, thrive in any industry without tenacity. I feel like this opportunity will serve as a valuable steppingstone for my future, because I am gaining experience. You have to stick it out while your industry weeds out the lazys. Nobody wants to hire a lazy…. But that’s just my opinion.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There is nothing better than holiday weekends
Jack and I were able to be so social!

We started things off Friday with our friends the Harris'
they came up for dessert and games
Anyone recognize this???

Rummikub was always one of my favorites! 
I don't know what caused this but ALL week I had been talking to Jack about how much I  wanted to play
so you can imagine the excitement I had getting off work to see this on the table!

Saturday the Boren's came into town. 
They flew in to spend the afternoon/evening with us.
I had heard so much about the Stinson
but this was my first time seeing it in real life
and let me tell you, it was a beauty!!  

We tried out this incredible restaurant downtown called Alamexo
If you have a date night coming up and like Mexican food
(especially the fish tacos and guac)

Sunday we were invited to brunch at a friends house before church
They made crepes and everyone brought toppings
Let me share a special secret...
Sugar with orange peel zest
Jack's family LOVES it and it was the hit of the party!!
It completely changes the flavor it is beyond!

That evening Tatey graduated seminary.
I could cry so I'll keep it brief
I love this kid and can't believe he's seriously graduating high school on Friday...
He's been in the process of starting his mission papers and that thought alone could kill me
so proud 

Can't help it... He looked too good!

Monday was the greatest day ever!
If you haven't heard of Mount Olympus
be prepared... it is stinking steep!
I thought I was in decent shape before hiking this mountain, but this baby blew me away
I have never been so winded in my entire life
Google told us 4100 ft climb in 3.67 miles 
Beforehand I was like, oh that's nothing! Piece of cake! We totally have this!
I thought it would take like 4 hours max....

That being said, 
it was SO much fun and totally worth it
It's just not your short, fun, little day hike
Plan on a night full of Grays Anatomy and Ice Cream afterwards...

Just what we needed before going into a crazy full week!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!



Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Friday!

Best. Day. Ever. 
So, today I was able to sit and talk one on one with the editor here at Utah Style and Design. 
It was honestly thee coolest thing ever!
He went through every single page of the magazine and taught me how each page is formed and what goes into actually creating a magazine.
It was beyond fascinating.
There are so many things you would not even think about!
The best part is that he asked me if I wanted to attend all the photoshoots with him this summer and help with the styling!!!!!!!!

To increase my excitement even more
my bishop just emailed me.
Jack and I were scheduled to speak in church this Sunday
In the bishops email he said
"Don't worry about speaking on Sunday,
enjoy your holiday weekend!"
In what universe does that happen?!?!?!


I hope you all have a fun and wonderful memorial day weekend! Love you all!!!!!



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nate Berkus for Target

I remember being about 12 watching Nate Berkus with my mom on The Oprah Show. He was always our favorite contributors and would regularly make appearances. We especially loved the monthly remodels he would do. We would always talk about projects we were going to do, be inspired to shop in second hand stores, and DIY from watching his designs. You can imagine our excitement when he started his own show in 2010.  Sadly it only lasted 2 seasons, but you know we recorded every episode! Shortly after he launched his own line for Target! 

Well in my endless internet surfing adventures I came across his new Target line!!!!! Listen up momma it is CUTE! And to top it all, it JUST CAME OUT!!!!!! I am feeling like a total trend setter here because this stuff is fresh off the trucks. I love just about everything! (Especially those eyelash pillows!!)



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stylist Summer Steals

I am attempting to learn the inner workings of photoshop...
Let me tell you it is a difficult program!!
For my current assignment I am scouring the internet to find 
Stylist Summer Steals!

I thought I would share with you all :)

Anthropologie $8

Now that I have found all the images and edited them
we must compile them and add direct links
When I finish I will post a link to Utah Style and Design's blog for you all to check out!

I highly respect all of you Photoshop experts!!

Happy Wednesday!!



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Live Show!

Yesterday was sooo hectic
Studio5 hosted a live in-studio audience.
Keep in mind we have been prepping for this for weeks
So the energy was definitely high and only got higher
It was a great show!

I was in charge of all the invites
We have hundreds of people email and I got to choose a lucky few to come
All morning I was kind of freaking out that people wouldn't come
Stuff always comes up and Brooke said last time lots of people canceled last minute
so I was just praying that wouldn't happen to me!
Of the 96 people I invited, 86 emailed me back
106 came!!!!!
sneaky little people...

We had some insane prizes!
I was slightly jealous...
So many contributors wanted to be a part of the experience and share 
Everyone who came got a Six Sisters Cookbook, freshly baked sugar cookies,
a cute necklace, makeup, an Ulta gift card, a few free meals to various restaurants 
and then we drew names for the big prizes!
Makes me want to be a part of a studio audience!

All six of the sisters were with us (One isn't in the photo)
We did a CoolWhip challenge 
each girl had to create a CoolWhip recipe without talking to the other girls
They came up with some delicious stuff
Has anyone ever made CoolWhip cookies?!?!?!

The girls were SO darling!
It made me even more excited to try their recipes! 

and this was just one side of the bleachers!!!
 A packed full sea of color!!!

I finally got to meet the other intern with the show
She was absolutely darling!! 
I hear soooo much about her it felt like we already knew each other!

You won't believe this but,
Brooke's darling dress was from JCPenny!!!
(I honestly kinda forgot they even existed!)

The best part was watching all the work we put in come to life
You have to visualize so much with this job
so when the show, especially a big one like this, is in action
the vision comes true
stay tuned for the next big event in July!



Monday, May 19, 2014

Quick Thought

I'm so sad and sorry but today I have to be extra quick! I had to work both jobs today and am now rushing to finish two math quizzes and a paper for my economic history class before my hubby gets home!

I wanted to share a little piece of advice I got today from the editor in chief at the magazine I work at. (Utah Bride and Groom, Utah Style and Design) 

He said to me: "Ashlie you have to dream bigger than you ever imagined you could. You have NO idea the adventures that are in store for you if you just grab them! You just have no idea how interesting your life can become."

This really hit me hard today. I thought about it for the rest of the time I was there and concluded thinking about where I want my life to go. What do I want to get out of it most? What do I hope to achieve? Who do I hope to become?

I plan to make a Pinterest quote out of it ;)

love you all



Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Today is my sweet daddy's birthday!!
I have been extremely blessed in the family department
My papa is the type of guy who loves his family more than life
He would do ANYTHING for us!

Growing up, all my friends were kinda scared of him..
people would ask if he was in the army
or if he was a body guard
and occasionally in the UFC

But anyone who really knows my daddy
knows he's a big teddy bear
and he would do anything for you

He is one of the happiest people I know
Definitely a huge jokester
I don't think it's possible for him to try clothes on without doing the Nacho Libre!
Or eat one of my mom's rolls without saying
Nice Buns ;)

He is up for just about anything!
Especially if someone puts him up to it (nate)
But he is equally up to pushing us to try new things too...

One of my favorite memories, he took my brother and I to the woods camping
We spent the week fully immersed in the great outdoors
hiking, fishing, enjoying the mystical forest
One night while we were sleeping...
I heard something and woke up terrified
Convinced our campsite was being attacked by wolves,
I whispered to wake my dad up.
He was nice a checked things out so I would go back to sleep
A few hours later the same thing!
 I climbed across the tent and woke him again
probably questioning his decision to take me on this campout, he unzipped the tent
takes one step outside (shoeless).....

is face to face with a heard of wild cows!!
They had stampeded our whole campsite!
As he chased them all away I think the poor guy stepped in at least 12 cow pies.....
But he rescued us from the cows that night :)

My daddy has been such an example to me
He loves my momma more than anything
I have watched him love and support her through everything in life
I have watched him as he
always open her door
always tell her he loves her
always tell her how beautiful she is
He showed me the things that I wanted in a husband

He is my number one hiking buddy
We have bonded over the countless hours I have begged him to go with me
He always goes :)
He always knows exactly what little extra action
will show how much he cares
When Jack and I first moved into our apartment
he had been helping us move all day long
He packed everything in Bountiful
while we packed everything at Jack's house
It was 11 o'clock that Saturday when we realized we had no food
My papa was on his way to our place with the last load of wedding gifts
He showed up to our house with
2 dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread (and many other things including TP)
and said, "I figured you guys would want to make egg in the window for breakfast"
I wanted to cry
That's just how thoughtful he is

He taught me to ride a bike
He taught me to drive
He taught me to snowmobile, ski and swim

He built all my barbie dream houses
played dress up and jump rope
Watched thousands of romantic comedies
He's always been a rock in my life

I am so grateful for you papa
I love you so much


My Dad is equal to my Mom. He's the most important man in my life and sets such a great example to me and the family. He works so hard, is fun, funny, loving, kind, caring, smart, humble, a gentleman and always thinking of others first before of himself. I love my Dad so much. <3 A Dad and A Mom are people everyone needs in their lives, but not everyone has. I do have to say, I am a lucky girl.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five Faves: Breakfast

We are working on a segment for Studio5 right now:
Best Breakfast Joints in SLC
It has been so much fun venturing out finding local Hot Spots!
I thought I would share a few faves :)

1. Park Café
An obvious choice, for obvious reasons:

California Benedict.

It's right by Liberty Park downtown
They have thee most delicious homemade jelly
The portions are massive, as you can see
yet it is still really fairly priced!
BEWARE: Saturday mornings are NUTS! 

  2. Eggs in the City

This one was a secret treasure for me!
It's on 1600 east and 1300 south
It has a very new, urban, Sugar House feel to it
They are known for their eggs (surprise!)
but they literally do everything you can imagine with them!

Eggs in the City

eggs florentine with crab and avocado 

3. Eva's Bakery

This is thee worlds cutest place! 
They do indeed have a breakfast menu 
but once you're in, you may opt for a delicious pastry instead!
or both :)
It is RIGHT downtown
Main Street and 100 South

Stuffed Blueberry French Toast!!

4. Blue Plate Diner

If you like diner joints
THIS is your spot!
If you were just walking by, you probably wouldn't be too inclined to stop..


That's what makes it such a fun atmosphere!
you can learn the US presidents while you eat! 

5.  Bruges Waffles and Frites

One of my hubby's most favorite places!
With good reason...
They have this crunchy speculoos spread that is so divine
You will guaranteed want to leave with a bottle
This place is like eating dessert for breakfast
worth it!

Waffle Monster™
The waffle monster

Torpedo Waffle™
The Torpedo (Stuffed with Belgium Chocolate!!!)

We have got some YUMMY spots here in Salt Lake
That's all I'm going to say about that!
Anyone know of other must hit spots I missed??
I'd love to hear!!