Friday, August 29, 2014


This week I have definitely been slacking in my little blogging world...
I'm sorry!
I have just been learning far too much:)
It is crazy how much you can learn in a week of solid school

As you know I am taking a very wide array of classes
I have been a business student my entire life
but am now a journalism student 
so... I am double majoring....

Entrepreneurship and Journalism

It is actually kind of fun though
I LOVE being a business student
there is just a vibe in that building 
you feel almost.... important?
It is a pretty difficult program, for me at least
I have to work stinking hard to memorize a lot of stuff 
and there is a lot of money going into the program
entrepreneurship specifically 
so there is lots of energy from people with big dreams

But I LOVE being a journalist even more
It is an extremely creative environment
 basically you get weekly assignments
and have the liberty to do whatever you want with it..
Then the class discusses their work.
that means sadly, there is a LOT of crappy work done 
but there is also the opportunity to really stand out
you definitely get out of it what you put in

While all my classes are all VERY different
surprisingly each class has had a common theme thus far.....
The importance of increasing your "presence" on social media
whether that be you specifically or your "brand"
Even the Ballet Barre class I am taking mentioned why she thinks it's so important
(side note ballet barre is the best class ever!!! anyone who has time should definitely sign up!!!!)

To be honest the first few days I laughed every time it came up
I was just thinking... Are you kidding?! 
I already have problems getting off Instagram
now you're telling me that it's necessary?????
and thought of this:

But let's all be honest
social media is pretty fascinating...
I mean
what makes people follow certain people?
why are we interested in who we are interested in?
what makes them interesting?
How can a start up go from barley scraping by, become a huge phenomenon overnight?
Celebs, politicians, businesses, bloggers, dogs literally everyone is "promoting" themselves on social media...

Today my professor said something interesting
he said
Guys... journalism is changing....
You will no longer come to class and listen
because as journalists we are entrepreneurs
we are innovators
we take something that hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people are talking, tweeting and instagraming about
and create something interesting
but what is the coolest story in the entire world, if nobody see's it...

and somehow it all made sense...
It's going to be a good semester
I promise to share lots of tips of how to promote yourself :)



Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School and Reminiscing

Today is a very special day
not just because it is the first day of school
and my sweet momma's birthday
but one year ago today I met my sweet hubby

It was no coincidence when you consider how everything fell into place  
I was working as a personal stylist at Nordstrom 
(basically a personal shopper)
with everyone back to school shopping I was pretty booked out with appointments
I scheduled all my classes super early in the morning so that I could head straight to work afterwards and not miss out on any floor traffic in the store
I literally never had Monday's off but somehow I had this Monday off...

I was finished the day's classes and a friend I had just met in Spanish asked if I wanted to check out the institute's classes
Sadly with how busy I was balancing work and school, I had never even been to the institute 
but I was just informed they gave free parking to students who signed up for a class so the thought of saving $300 was enough of a motivator to squeeze it in

After perusing a bit and signing up for a class
 I was feeling even more adventurous 
I decided to go explore the library
Another place I had never been in my 2 year career at the University....

It was that walk back to the school this very tall, very handsome man was walking behind me
He mad the approach by asking if I was a Freshman!?!?!?! 
Supposedly only freshmen carry papers in their hands ;) 
I embarrassed him a bit by informing him I was in fact a Junior
but we laughed and talked for about 30 more seconds
After staring at his perfectly groomed hair for a minute more
We said our goodbye's
Thinking I would probably never see him again
I yelled "Hey Jack, my name is Ashlie with and "ie" Sundh with an "h"
you should add me on Facebook..."
and about 5 minutes later 
we were stalking each other's profiles

About a week later Jack and I realized we had a class together
He messaged me on FB telling me he would save me a spot by he and Sam the next day
The spot I sat the entire semester
the front row of Suksdorf's Foundations of Business class
It obviously was my favorite class

The semester went on and we had become pretty close classroom friends
We had never hung out outside of class besides going to listen to 
Mitt Romney speak at a business student conference. 
So while we had developed a friendship we didn't really know know each other

It wasn't until November 9th
when Jack asked me out for the first official time
 one of his childhood best friends was getting married and he asked if I would want to go with him
yes, a wedding
my hubby doesn't mess around :)
but it was then my heart kind of melted for him because he was so nervous to ask me!
and I admit, I loved it:) 

He picked me up at my parents house
If you know Jack you know he's a charmer. 
Everyone was instantly smitten by him 
And as you can imagine it was by far the best date of my life
But we really knew it was fate when I caught the bouquet that night

This was just outside the wedding on our very first date
as you can tell it didn't take long for us to become comfortable together

November 14th we made things official and even more official December 14th
When you know, you just know :)

So the first day of school is definitely exciting
but it will always have an extra special place in my heart



Thursday, August 21, 2014

Decisions, Decisions....

I am in a bit of a pickle....
I have been offered a lot of really awesome opportunities for fall semester
but I really just have NO idea what to do..
and I have to decide by tomorrow

so first off I have an incredible school schedule
lots of fun classes
19 credits worth to be exact
I am taking a TV journalism class
basically the class is the news cast
we find segment ideas, produce, edit, shoot, anchor, direct etc etc
each week the student switches roles but is also allowed to stay in the same roles if preferred
every Friday we have to be ready to deliver an hour of news for our station's show
I am also taking this digital editing class
This is by far going to be the most intense 
We will learn all aspects of digital editing, video, photography, web design
and have a final project on each
VERY excited for this one
Then I have public speaking, an entrepreneurship class (still working on an entrepreneurship minor) and an IT class. 
So a very full but fun schedule..
Heard on The Everygirl #theeverygirl

I have arranged my schedule to be Tuesday and Thursday 9-5 straight classes
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7-930am I have the news class
which leaves 930 on to do one of three options:

1. KUTV News Internship- really cool opportunity. I will have access to literally every piece of equipment and basically have free reign to do whatever I want, shadow whoever I want, and learn what I am interested in. I interviewed yesterday and was offered a position but the man who interviewed me told me this is a standing offer while I am in school and suggested I come back once I have a bit more schooling under my belt. He said it may be better for me to learn everything I can and then finish off my degree applying all the editing/writing/reporting skills I learned. 

At first I was like oh no way I can totally do this, I will learn as I go. I jumping in the deep end and I will swim.... Now I am questioning this. Perhaps he is right? This is almost too cool of an opportunity I can't help thinking perhaps I should get a bit more experience so rather than spending my time there trying to learn everything new. I want to go there and create an incredible demo-reel. The final project in order to get a job. It is like a portfolio of all my best work.... This would be the place to do that. I know if I were to go there now I would learn a TON but is now the best time????

2. KSL Promotions Job- This one is cool because 1st off it is paid, 2nd I would be the one who sets up everything for all the events KSL goes to. For instance: this week KSL is in Park City at the Parade of Homes. My job would be to load all our stuff necessary to have a broadcast and set it all up on site. Then I would be working with the anchor/reporter with all the little side jobs, meeting people, and basically being a representative for KSL. This is a very entry level job but I still think it could be a great experience and opportunity for me to keep my foot in the door with KSL. Although I have already been accepted for their news internship winter semester...

3. Pac-12 Broadcast Crew, PRSSA and Media Relations Fellowship- All of these opportunities are provided through the U. I applied to be a part of each this past week and surprisingly was accepted for each one. If I were to decline option 1 and 2 I would most likely join all three of these. The Pac-12 Broadcast Crew is in charge of all the media behind game days, the PRSSA is the Public Relations Society. People who are highly involved in the community speak to us once a week. Great networking opportunity. The Media Relations Fellowship is pretty cool, 10 leaders were chosen to learn best practices in lots of different areas of the media and community. From campaigning and fundraising to organizing events and everything with the media. 

Political Producer for CBS This Morning Jenna Witt Gibson #theeverygirl

The sad news is I can only choose 1.....
So what do I do???



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Comfort Zones

I am all about pushing myself to try new things
but is it bad to sometimes just say no thanks?

My sweet hubby is the most adventurous man ever
I love that about him
Sometimes it seems he has tried just about everything
and he is typically (always) really good at everything 
He is always so sweet and patient to help me try new things!
and sometimes I love them
and other times.... it's just not for me (spear fishing??)
and that's okay right? because... at least I tried it?

I remember the first time I went shooting
I was so nervous
Here I am with a group of professional exotic African animal hunters
shooting a gun for the first time
and come on, of course I wanted to impress them!
pressure's on right?
I was hunched over holding my breath
trying to squint at the tiny target
my heart was beating so loud
my arms were shaking (I mean guns are heavy!)
I finally pulled the trigger....
and cried....

Then this one time we went turkey hunting
I can sometimes talk a lot of "talk"
but that's all it is... talk
One evening we were at Texas de Brazil with Jack's parents
 Jack showed us this funny video of this 9 year old girl turkey hunting
I thought... "pshhhh I can do that"
but I accidentally said it out-loud
before I knew it I was dressed in camo, in the wilderness, holding a gun, being told 
"if you shoot it and it doesn't die, you must run as fast as you can and tackle it before it tries to fly away...."
That was when I said a little prayer
"please oh please.... don't let there be any turkeys today"
The church is true :)


What started out as a friendly family competition 
caused me to sign us both up for a tennis class
where I embarrassed myself like crazy
missing balls left and right
sometime getting a tad frustrated with my hand eye coordination
or lack thereof... 
but with a little effort 
it turned into something that is one of our absolute favorite things to do together

I guess what I have learned is 
It's good to try new things
It's good to push yourself
to push your limits
to expand, learn and grow
Be a little awkward
 Uncomfortable can be good
Sometimes you just have to stick with it
but sometimes you'll try something and realize
you know, maybe this isn't for me...
and that's okay too :)



Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nate's Golden Ticket

So this came yesterday

My dad and I were home when the golden ticket came
It was all we could do to keep it together
I have probably watched a thousand people get their calls
from friends, family to the randos I cry for on YouTube 
Each have one thing in common

I always cry

Serving a mission is such a selfless act of service 
you have to be so brave and so strong
but missionaries see the bigger picture 
It's not about leaving for two years
It's about changing people's lives
bringing them hope and showing them truth
Nate and I have talked countless hours about this.
We have seen how missionary work has changed our family's life
and now he gets to share that blessing with so many families

My sweet hubby served and incredible mission in Brazil
I have seen how his work has been such a blessing for our marriage
not only are some of our very best friends his former mission companions 
but he was able to learn so much about himself and what he wanted in his wife :) 
and am so proud he dedicated those two years
I have heard so many stories and read all of his mission journals
I can't wait to go back to Brazil to meet the sweet families who's lives have been forever changed 
I am so happy to know that Nate will bring his future family those same blessings

My momma made this cute guessing board people have been pinning their guesses for weeks!
"Where in the world with Nate go??"

My cute papa...
After holding the call and staring at the board for 20 minutes 
trying his hardest to keep it together he asked me
"What happens to Batman when Robin leaves?"
It was the sweetest thing 
I said don't worry dad they always stay as a
Dynamic Duo

I kept it together by baking...
and more baking
Smores rice krispies, chocolate chip cookies and normal rice krispies
Nate's favorites :)

The whole family was invited
so as you can imagine
 waiting for everyone to arrive
was hard

and then it was time!

Elder Sundh was called
He will leave November 19th
(exactly one week before my birthday)

The more we searched the more we fell in love with the beautiful city
there is obviously so much rich history
but cool little things that are so "Nate" as well
Every Friday night the entire city shuts down and everyone goes to the high school's football games
Nate thought that was pretty cool :)

Such an exciting evening
we could not be more proud of you Nate!
You have so much to share and you are going to be an incredible missionary



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hot Seat

I thought I would try something different today
A high-def video brought to you from the Boren kitchen! ;)

Have a wonderful day 
Love you, Love you :)



Monday, August 11, 2014


I hope you all had a fun weekend!
There aren't very many before school starts up again so we must take advantage of every minute!

Our weekend started with very happy and exciting news

This guy got a promotion
I am seriously so beyond proud of him
he has worked soooo hard this summer
I'm not kidding you when I say he wakes up at 530 to go to the gym
then goes straight to work where he stays until roughly 630 or 7pm
non-stop this guy!

With how hard my man is working you can imagine the guilt I've been feeling
due to the fact my internship ended Thursday...
Don't get me wrong... it's soooo nice  to have a little time to myself, 
 I am really going to kick things into gear this week
to lock something good in for fall semester

But Coop has been getting some seriously needed exercise 

Friday night we escaped to Park City for the weekend
Jack's good friend Sam is back in town 
(his family is from Palo Alto area so he's been there all summer)
They have two places in PC 
so we stayed there and hung out all weekend!

We did the Alpine slide and coaster 
let me tell you the coaster is so much fun! 
I hadn't ever done it before this weekend and it was so much better because you can't fall off!
(i have had bad experiences...)
AND Jack and I got to ride in the same cart!
We went twenty times as fast just saying!

Saturday morning Jack and Sam went fishing 
My parents came up that morning, so they picked me up and we did a little outlet shopping 
until they boys were done 
and went to the Bluegrass festival!
My cute papa was the one who discovered it was going on, and it ended up being such a fun afternoon!
great people watching 

Sadly our wonderful weekend ended with the both of us coming down with something heinous 
sore throats, achy bones, and if I'm being honest...
 I have been kind of a grumpster 
I'm just not a fan of being sick
but we created this delicious ginger, lemon and honey tea 
in our favorite "B" mugs of course
anyone who is feeling slightly under the weather this recipe will calm your spirits.
boil about 2 cups of water, add a few slices of ginger and lemon
then add honey to sweeten!

Love you all!



Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Finds: On My Radar

What an emotional week
I have officially finished my last day with Studio 5
BY far the saddest goodbye
Words just can't express how much I loved my job there
 thankfully we will all stay in touch
Tuesday I am going in to shoot a segment and we are all going to go to lunch as a team
so that will be a blast
but I can't help but feel a little sad that it is all over
okay really sad 
This incredible summer has just blown by too fast!

I did register for all my classes this morning
  too excited to see what Fall is going to bring

1. I have been in search of a good book to end the summer on. I will most likely finish Unbroken this week so I am rushing to find something worth while! This week I came across a book called The Devil in the White City. Has anyone read it???? It's a historical non-fiction book based on the 1893 World Fair in Chicago. Serious drama was involved during planning and development. It looks stinking interesting, and by far my favorite genre is historical fiction, so I'm looking forward to giving this one a try. Jack kind of thinks I will be while scared reading it... haha let's be honest he's probably right.


2. Have you ever heard of Birch Box? It is a great idea! So for $10 a month they will send you samples of all the latest beauty products you've been wanting to try! $10 no joke! Every month they create a new customized box and send it to you based on a profile you fill out. Sent to your front door like a magazine every month. Now wouldn't that just be the happiest surprise to come home to!?

3. MrKate. It reminds me slightly of a blogger version of Pinterest. But better, it has everything you love about Pinterest compiled into blog posts. So the tutorials and inspirations are all right there rather than clicking a million different links. Everything they post on is very modern and trendy but they have different ideas and you can make it your own, so it's kind of cool to me.

4.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever. My parents live up a Canyon so with obvious reasons there are about 3,000 deer that come by every single day. My momma's poor flowers are always getting eaten.... But when I saw this video I instantly wanted to refuge a little baby one. What do you say dad??

5. A cookie/brownie ice cream bowl! Pure brilliance! With how much ice cream we consume I don't know how on earth I didn't think of this first. I will be putting these babies to the test this weekend, rest assured.

Hope you have some great weekend plans!



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carpe Diem

This is my last week at Studio 5
I have really been crying because it has been thee best work experience of my life
they have offered me an internship extension if I would like to stay
which I just might take them up on if other things don't work out 
but I am really wanting to venture outside my comfort zone and test the news waters
intense, I know...

I have really been trying to "seize each day" I have left here
which is what I think made today so wonderful!
Stephanie took me around the entire studio (outside of our little land)
and introduced me to all the news people
She said the sweetest words about me
and told them that they should give me a call for a fall internship 
then we all chatted over free pizza for a bit 

Well they called!! :)
 I am trying not to get too excited yet but.....
This could be really really really wonderful
Internships Round 2
She also told me if I were to get the position she would love to have me over to Studio 5
at least once a week to continue my lifestyle production skills
Words just can't express my feelings right now
Now we wait....

Life at home has been very fun since Jack and I are out of school
Last night I redecorated our house :) 
well rearranged some stuff
It just needed a little lovin
We have been SOOO Blessed because
literally all of our furniture has been given to us
we haven't had to buy a single thing
either from our old bedrooms or from Jack's sister Amanda
who used to live in Salt Lake but after about 12 moves is currently in Australia
This is the first moment I have actually had some time to dedicate to focus on helping it look a little more "pretty" since the initial move
 I spent like 4 hours cleaning everything and then the fun stuff
moving it all around
The best was when Jack walked in the door
It definitely made my hard work worth while

I have this horrible habit of buying a thousand picture frames to decorate with 
and then I put off filling them...
It is sad I know
Imagine a house full of empty frames hahaha

To me,
It's kind of like like fueling your car...
You put it off because it's "fine for now" and then all of the sudden you have a rude awakening
So I sent my prints to Costco and filled every last frame
I swear there are at least 25 frames
but it gave me a change to look through hundreds of photos
and of course was reminded what a magical day our wedding day was
I came across a few beautiful moments our wedding photographer Jessica captured
These are a few faves

Had to post one with Tatey because today very well could be an exciting day...
I'm going to leave it at that before I start bawling my eyes out



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 breakfasts in 10 minutes

Breakfast is one meal I have never really preferred
I just don't really like the standard pancakes, waffles, and bacon bit 
Jack loves breakfast food!
I would say it could be his favorite meal
so for a while when we first were married I would make him something like that and I would eat a piece of toast and some berries
but that got boring after a while so we ventured out of our comfort zones 
and found a few easy peasy recipes to make everyday rather than the standards

1. Breakfast Sandwich- You can find these little wheat/multigrain buns at Costco! I use them for my lunch sandwich too! They are delicious and like 100 calories... Hello! We like our sandwiches with eggs, cheese, bell peppers, avocado, and Jack loves bacon.

4. Bananarama

2. Smoothies- My personal favorite. Perhaps it's because I have a soft spot for Keva Juice, or because smoothies are just really delicious and refreshing! (I still have the Keva menu memorized so if you'd rather try their recipe give me a call) Otherwise this one is tasty and only requires 3 ingredients!

Quick to-go Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Mini Omelet Muffins

3. Mini Muffin Omelets- We always have all these ingredients at our house so maybe that's why it makes an easy go to, but they are actually really yummy! And really healthy :) Plus you can keep them in the fridge and just pop them into the microwave on your way out. This is especially great if you sometimes accidentally sleep in like we have been known to do...
Skipping Breakfast?! 10 Fast & Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

4. Breakfast Parfait- Definitely the easiest of go-to's, and the best part? No cleanup required! We always have lots of berries at our house so we'll use whatever we have, vanilla greek yogurt and granola. We have really grown to love Nature Valley's Oats and Dark Chocolate. Yummmmmmm yummmmmm

5.  We love, love, LOVE quesadillas so when I found out about this my life was forever changed. Peanut butter, a sliced banana, strawberries, and some cinnamon on a whole grain tortilla. It is a to die for good.