Friday, October 24, 2014

Feature Friday

This week I got to do a really fun feature!
Since all I do is write features at school right ;)
Next week I am being forced to do some investigative reporting.... 
haha but for now I still get to enjoy my light, fluffy features
so I first wrote this full page article on the campus food trucks
for one of my digital journalism classes
our site is called
if you want to check it out

after interviewing like 30 students and all the truck owners
it was very clear who the favorite was
I'll try to be biased...
but let's be real

Café Trang
is delicious!

Anyone have some serious ideas for next week's show???
interrogating people has never really been my strongest suit...
I like to interview people to congratulate them on success
highlight their greatest moments
make them feel great
interrogations kinda scare me....
things get bad 
people get deffensive
and then they hate you for life
I don't do well when people hate me.....
Do you know.... The Muffin Man???

So far people have suggested I do:
Crime on campus aka rape....
Bacteria on keyboards in the library
Would University Hospital would be ready if someone in Utah was diagnosed with Ebola?
As you can imagine... I am still deciding ;)



Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Things have gotten pretty crazy around here!
The other day I was working the Utah volleyball game when I got a call
it was from Fox :)

I got the job!

I seriously got the job
I am a Fox 13 Producer
I just cannot believe it 

I mean I did apply.. and then I got an interview... and then another one
but the fact I got the job is just too far beyond what I actually thought was possible 
it has yet to sink in
even though I already had my first day
I started yesterday :)

It was pretty insane
I work for the nightside crew so I write for the 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 9 o'clock news
Because I am still in school I'm scheduled 30 hours a week 
so if you watch the news Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturday mornings
chances are you'll see my name :)

So I got to Fox at 1 yesterday
after a production meeting and the grand tour where I met a thousand people whose names have already left my memory, I got started writing
In the meeting they give everyone their assignments for the night
Since it was my first day I only had 4 assignments but on average I'll write about 20 segments a day
I clip all the sound and video, create all the graphics, and of course write all the scripts.
When my show is on air I am in the control room 
I am the person that cues everyone
So all the reporters (there are usually 5) and the anchors start talking when I say go

I'm going to be honest
it was a really intense day
but every "first day" no matter what it's for, is typically overwhelming
new people, new environment, you know nothing, oh and you're the new girl
it's just how it is!
there is soooooooo much for me to learn
I have never written anything for "hard news"
I am definitely a feature kind of gal
light and fluffy :)
but I am really excited to take on this overwhelming challenge
I feel so stinking lucky to be there
I am by far the youngest and most inexperienced in the room
but I think it is important to be myself and take full advantage of this opportunity

So when I came across this quote today
I thought it was very fitting :)

Have a beautiful week



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Missing You

My sweet hubby is out of town :(
He got invited on this cool business trip
which I am SOOOO proud and excited for him 
.... I miss him soooooooooo much

Since Jack and I started dating last November I have spent a total of 4 nights away from him
yes 4 nights...
because we fell so in love so fast I just couldn't say goodnight :)

so he moved into my parents house
and he lived in the guest bedroom 
I highly recommend every couple does this
Otherwise I would have probably accidentally fallen asleep at his house everyday 
or stayed there until 6 am.....

So I'm sitting here on the couch 
watching like the 12 episode of Gilmore Girls for the evening 
and the one where Rory and Dean breakup on their 3 month anniversary comes on

and I start crying!
I was just thinking.... wow, I am so glad to be out of high school
life is so good and so much fun
and I am married to the most amazing sweet man 
who would totally watch Gilmore Girls with me if I asked him to
and just I wish he were here snuggling me
eating our favorite cakebatter ice cream

                                                        I just love him sooooo much!!!!
He will be back on Thursday :) 
In the meantime come visit me!
I have ice-cream



Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Because I have the sincerest fear of not having enough to do
I tend to sign up for everything...
I mean I just try to give everything a solid chance
and then I typically will have a stress attack and can't breath right for a week...
last week...
but it usually ends up working out in the end :)

Have you every watched the movie Yes Man??
I'm going to be honest.... Jim Carrey usually drives me crazy but this movie is one of my faves
Maybe because it reminds me of my brother
or because I crack up every time I see it
but basically Jim agrees to say yes to everything
and I have to admit.... I tend to be this way
If I haven't tried something, or have been asked to do something or go somewhere and have time,
I usually end up saying yes.

I'm not saying this is necessarily a good way to do things
but it has provided me with a few fun experiences and opportunities 

Including being a part of this senate campaign!
I was asked if I wanted to help out a woman who is running for office and of course, I agreed
I mean, I have never been a part of a campaign before!
And I'm not committing my life or anything, the election is like 4 weeks away

Being an on campus journalist has DEFINITELY brought this habit to my realization
every week I interview passionate presidents of different clubs 
so far I think every single one has invited me to an activity
Today I met with the gardeners of the Edible Campus Gardens

I joined their mailing list...
The girls were so nice! and I mean I have always dreamed of growing a beautiful garden

Before you think I am crazy 
Because I say yes too much
I got a call yesterday
It was from Fox-13
They asked me if I wanted to come in for an interview!!
which sadly first requires an in studio writing and political test
 but, needless to say...
I said YES YES YES!!!!!!

Praying for a miracle here because this could be sweeeeet!!!!!!

Loves and Kisses,


Monday, October 6, 2014

In N.Y.C.

This weekend was sure an exciting one 
Jack and I got to visit the big apple for a few days!
I haven't been since I was a little 12 year-old.
My momma took me to fashion week,
so my memories of NY are all very magical.
This weekend did not disappoint 
it was soooo wonderful to be there with my sweet hubby.

Last week was our 6 month anniversary 
6 MONTHS!!!! AHH!! 
Time has flown by, my goodness
so we told people we were there celebrating our anniversary
which is true.... kinda ;)

While exploring we stumbled across this gem of a store
I call this photo a few of my favorite things:
Jack (duh), Radio City, Bagels, and Sushi

 After lots of delicious pizza, skipping down streets singing Annie, shopping at Zara, exploring every news studio and people watching
 (the best place ever! I have literally been watching blondy, who's about 49,  in the airport for an hour flirt with every man that sits down by her at the bar. She has finally struck gold! It started with innocent flirting, then booty rubbing, now they are totally macking!!! ahhh I am dying!!)
See-No-Evil Monkey 
We are homeward bound
See you soon!



Friday, October 3, 2014


I know I made that goal awhile back to write everyday
and while I haven't been able to maintain that here with how crazy life has been
but I can assure you I have been writing everyday
This week I am working on three different packages for the show
praying they will turn out because you have no idea how much time goes into two minutes of television
until you're the one creating it!

Last night Tatey received his endowment.
It was so special to have my entire family together in the temple again
We were sealed together almost 3 years ago now
 and this time we were all there with my sweet hubby :)
The whole mish thing just got really real but.... let's not think about that

The PAC-12 has been fun
besides for the fact almost every night is consumed with watching sports. 
Before and after the games is really fun (which is good because it takes like 10 hours each)
But during the game is another story
During the game my job is to watch Maria

If she comes unplugged 
then the whole game is ruined...
Many would think this is the best part
 I mean look at some of the seats I've gotten

But if I am being completely honest....
I usually end up reading...
and they still pay me :)

Currently at a Volleyball game 
I promise, sometimes I really do work!

Have a wonderful weekend!