Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Word of the Year

I love setting goals!
It's seriously my favorite thing
I don't know about you guys..
but nothing makes me feel better than accomplishing one of my New Years resolutions
Or reflecting on who I was this time last year
and noticing little things I have done to improve.
It gives me some sort of high

Anywho one of my favorite things my family does is come up with a word for the year
One word that you want to sum up your year
last year my word was learn...
which I hope to continue
the year before it was organize...
This year I wanted to do something a little different
after changing my mind like a hundred times
I have settled on one

I have known the entire time what I have wanted the word to mean
but finding the perfect word was kinda hard
I want to feel more genuinely interested in everyone around me
not just my friends of family
but everyone
randos in the elevator.. people I sit by in class.. the girls at the gym
you know those people, the moment you meet them, you just leave feeling so good about yourself?
I want to be more like them
I want to talk less about myself, and ask more questions
I want to remember people..
their names, their experiences
you know what I mean
so my final decision for the word of 2015 is:


I think by being present in every moment I can improve every aspect of my life
I think I will be a happier person
and hopefully I can make the people around me feel special..

Feel free to join the tradition!
What's your word of the year???



Friday, January 9, 2015


I haven't written ONCE over winter break
Probably because I am in serious denial about going back to school Monday...
Or because I haven't taken any pictures to make things more interesting ;)
But regardless.. this break has been true bliss!
Honestly just not having to worry about homework is incredible
and it has given me a little extra power going into this semester knowing
Before long I will have a normal life
with normal hours
and FREE TIME!!!
I can't stand the anticipation ;)

Jack and I spent the holiday in Boise
It was so wonderful especially because everyone was able to make it!
We hardly see his sisters because one is in Boston and the other is in Australia..
so the fact both they and their husbands were able to make it, and spend so much time here was pretty incredible.

Trips to Boise are always full of fun adventures.
And this trip was no let down!
I could tell hundreds of great stories, but my most favorite was on Christmas Eve.
We had all enjoyed a leisurely morning together
you know
eating too much food, having nerf gun wars, getting ready for the Christmas eve party..
all while wearing Christmas jams, of course :)
 when we decided to go duck hunting..
I looked outside as a total blizzard is going on and was just thinking... oh dear....
But my cute hubs was so excited so after a good pep-talk and a few kisses I got excited too
I mean I am totally down to try new things!
So I put on my warmest gear and we set out.
I had told everyone ahead of time that I was more interested in being the hunt's spotter and didn't really want shoot anything
but that does not mean I can chill in a camp chair sipping hot coco reading The Goldfinch..
I got fully decked out in full camo
head to toe, face, hands, feet
and then Jack made me a little bed or weeds (complete with my own pillow) to lye down in
and then buried me in more
Please keep in mind it's still snowing
So I am lying there with four coats, three pants, hiking boots, gloves, two hats, and a blanket of weeds on me, and I kid you not I could feel the water slowly seeping through each layer..
When someone shot something, I was okay to move and went off to this shelter down the river.
I was hiding in the shelter with the dogs and Mike when Jiar (Kate's husband) brings us the duck they shot.. 
You guys... the poor thing was  headless...
Luckily I closed my eyes before I got a good look, but I can honestly still see the bloody stringy things coming out of its neck..... 
 Mike hid it up high with the neck facing the wall, so I couldn't see anything, but that didn't stop the dogs from trying to snatch it!
Any who a little time passed and Joan is ready to go home
I told her I'd go with her! You know help out with dinner (hehe sneaky)
She's says awesome, grabs the dogs, and while she's leaving to the car says, "would you mind grabbing the ducks?" 
I literally cried and squealed as I pulled poor Daffy off that shelf...
and ran the whole way to the car...

Slowly the Boren's are helping me to be a little tougher :) 
but let's be real...
 I'll always be the girl that loves a hot sunny day sunbathing at the beach
It ended up being a truly wonderful weekend 
full of, game nights, horseback riding, ice cream making, swimming and family bonding

I hope you guys all had a wonderful holiday as well
I'm sure most of you had to go back to reality this week, but in case you're at the U like me
Have an AWESOME last weekend of freedom!