Friday, February 20, 2015


Gosh where has the time gone?!
Things have just been so crazy I feel like I haven't even had two seconds to myself
so I don't really even know where to begin

How about the fun stuff :)
Jack and I went to Hawaii!
we were in Kona
I can't even explain to you how magical the week was
It was such a last minute idea, Jack's momma spends two weeks in Hawaii every January 
She and Mike were going to be there together for about a week
and they invited us to join!
it just happened to work perfectly with our schedules
so how could you say no to an offer like that?!?
I sadly feel like it was over before I knew it
but let me tell you... it was just perfect
I mean to have no agenda the entire day?!?
(something that has been very foreign to my hubs and I the past few months)
 It was the perfect escape.

We stayed at the Prince Resort on Mauna Kea Beach
and literally spent our days hanging out on the beach, drinking smoothies nonstop, playing in the ocean, boogie boarding, reading :)
One night we went to this incredible clam bake on the beach! 
Holly moley!
All you can eat lobster, crab, shrimp, clams (obviously) 
it was to die for.. we saw a lady who literally scooped up five lobsters!
she was not messing around 
here are a few photos from our trip :)

in other news...
I got a great new job!
As you all know Jack and I are leaving for San Fran in June
I haven't especially loved working in news, so I have just been looking for other opportunities
I applied for like 15 jobs, interviewed for like 7 of them, waiting to hear back from a few, and was offered a few, but one of them offered for me to start now! 
So I accepted :)
I am working as an account executive for a company called Gartner
It is an international company that gives technology research and analysis to companies world-wide. 
I am working in the venture capital, private equity, investment banking sector
which ties in perfectly with my hub's job
anyway what I do is I manage existing accounts, make sure clients are happy etc 
and with the help of my boss Kate, we develop more business.
It's super exciting and challenges me like crazy.
Today for example:
I get to be on a call with the CEO of Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson
I am blogging to take my mind off from this reality because I am so flipping anxious/nervous/excited
Kate is letting me ask questions and be as involved with the call as I want to be
so obviously I have been doing all the research I possibly can to be prepared
I'lll try my best not to talk about his island... and stay focused on rockets...
buuuuuuttttt..... the guy is pretty sweet 
let's be real!

So for the next three months I am working part time remote
kind of as a training for the full time position in the offices this summer
the thing that I really love about the company is they have offices all around the world
so if Jack were to get a great job in Dubai or something.... I could still work with Gartner
Definitely one of the many upsides of the company :)
plus I think it will give me a lot of great experience I can speak to for future opportunities
it's an internationally known company so working for them is a great resume booster
I am gaining a lot more confidence networking with all different types of people
learning appropriate questions to ask, talking points etc.
and I am learning to be less intimidated by extremely powerful people
Don't get me wrong... It's all a work in progress
but it challenges me
and I like that

In case you were wondering 
I have not left Fox yet...
I clearly have separation anxiety 
I don't like to feel like I am a quitter
and they have been putting me on all these cool projects lately..
last night I got to write an anchor package!
It was so awesome!!!
I just really like to be busy and feel needed/utilized
When I don't feel like I am progressing I tend to freak out and go a little crazy...
But hey!
 I am learning great things about myself and what I need in life ;)
the types of environments that make my heart tick
the kind of work I enjoy
the types of people I like being around
and right now I am feeling contempt 
so if I were to quit right now, I worry that I would regret it...
Yes, you can call me crazy because I currently have three jobs..
(I'll still help out with the PAC-12 every now and again)
and am going to school full time... 
and trying to train for a marathon...
but it's amazing to realize all you can accomplish when you write a check list everyday :)

can you find me?? hehe

Anywho, lots of exciting stuff going on
I'm anxious to see where we'll be at this time next year :)

love you, love you


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