Sunday, July 26, 2015

San Jose Lately

Hi my sweet family
I miss you all soo soo much, words cannot begin to express
July has always been one of my most favorite months 
non stop BBQs, fireworks, pool parties, endless family gatherings
I know this has gone one without us and I can't help but feeling a tiny bit homesick for it
but Jack and I have truly been having a wonderful in San Jose
Learning sooo much and really having a wonderful and adventurous time together

Cisco has been a dream

For those who don't know already, I am working in Investor Relations for the company
my job is basically to have all the information in regards to the investors, and the stock market
I am constantly analyzing what our competitors are doing in comparison to us,
staying up to date on the stock market, analyst reports, and earnings calls,
discussing what makes Cisco a great investment to analysts and investors,
and then communicating all this information back to the executives.
I would say it is just as much of a finance position as it is a comms position
which has been extremely interesting for me.
I feel so lucky because I have been kept really busy, and have a wonderful team who is constantly giving me more opportunities to learn more.
Each team member is always asking me to join them in really awesome meetings with really high profile investors or the executive team
Last week I was asked to be in this movie introducing our new CEO Chuck Robbins
I even had a line ;)
When they asked me to do it I honestly had no idea what I had signed up for! 
They even had a lady on staff who did my hair and makeup before shooting!
hahaha it was pretty sweet I can't lie..

Jack has been working in M&A which has been a really interesting experience
M&A here is totally different than you would expect
basically their team provides the financial support for the business development guys, who are the actual deal leads. Most companies BD guys are sales guys and M&A are deal leads, but it has been a good learning opportunity for him as well. 
This past week he transferred over to treasury to learn the ropes over there
It's really cool because Cisco is really flexible about letting people try out different positions.
The hardest part is getting into the company, but once you are in they are pretty sweet about trying to do everything they can to keep you happy

Jack and I have been doing lots of running!
Seriously every single day.. 6 days a week..
It has been really fun! 
I have never run so frequently in my life, but JB keeps me really motivated
he is always the one to set the alarm and get out of bed first haha
but we try to do 5 miles a day, with a fun long run on the weekends where we go explore somewhere

We have tried to see as much as possible the past few weeks
we have been to Santa Cruz, which I have to admit is not my favorite beach town
too busy..
but we still had a really fun time there
We went with my parents to Monterey Bay, Pebble Beach and Carmel
All of which I loved 
Santana Row is my favorite spot to frequent on the weekends.
You guys, if you are ever in this area Santana Row is a MUST
there is this restaurant, Lark Creek, that has thee most delicious gnocchi in the entire world
I seriously love it so much! That spot alone could convince me to stay haha
We went to the SF symphony a few weeks ago.
My sweet sister-in-law gave us tickets for graduation! 
(most thoughtful gift ever am I right?)
We had an absolute blast and ate soft crab for the first time in our lives.
If you haven't had soft crab, it is a serious experience.
You actually eat the ENTIRE crab. Legs, shell, chompers, the whole thing!
I thought it was really delicious! Jack wasn't too sure....

Our apartment has been really incredible as well.
There are so many amenities it's kind of ridiculous!
I think because housing over here is so expensive and nobody can afford to buy a house
all the apartment buildings are competing for everyone's business
Obviously this is true, but I'm talking serious competition!
Our building for example has food trucks come pull in every Wednesday!
This past weekend they hosted a big outdoor concert with probably 6 different food trucks, live music, bouncy houses, balloons, and sponsors galore! 
Every Tuesday is taco Tuesday, where this taco shop in the complex offers any two tacos for $5!
Saturdays there is this popup farmer's market with yummy fruits and veggies
They have this reserved "date night" dinner group where you sign up for whatever the weekly date night is and meet different couples in the building.
Sometimes there is wine tasting, last week it was cooking lessons, coming up there is a 9 course meal! 
Just really fun stuff like that. 
Jack and I have seriously been considering starting something like this in Salt Lake.
Don't you think it be a hit!? Especially somewhere up by Harvard and Yale or the U?

Anyway, time has really been flying by!
Hard to believe we have almost lived here for two months.
Definitely been a summer we will always remember :)

See you all soon!



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