Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting Settled

It's been forever!
I have been adjusting to a new routine and you know how that goes..
My job has been really wonderful
I work really early (6am yikes!) 
so by the time I'm off, I usually need a little nap :)
but the good news is I am off by 3 ish so I have a pretty long evening to do everything else.

I am working at a tech startup called
basically it's a sales acceleration platform that helps increase revenue by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of sales people through the software we developed
I work in enterprise sales
so basically a lot of explaining how we can add value sales organizations 
through "predictive analytics"
It's been a really great job and I have honestly felt so blessed to be here
Oh and I'm also the only lady :) 
Things with Jack are going really well!
He of course is working full time and going to school full time 
He works all day and goes to class three nights a week
I am seriously so impressed how much he is doing right now 
We sadly work pretty opposite schedules so we try to cherish all the time we do get together

Last weekend Jack surprised me and booked a spontaneous weekend in Snowbird
We drove up Friday and stayed all day Saturday
I'm not kidding, the weekend felt twice as long!
It was so magical 
I have officially become the biggest advocate of weekend getaways
Even if it's something super small and simple
Just getting out of town for one night made thee biggest difference!
We were able to reconnect and have so much fun just the two of us
Biggest accomplishment of the weekend: Hiking the Tram
I had no idea this hike was so steep hahaha
Needless to say we were proud to reach the top

This is about half way.... Doesn't Jack look so cute :) 

A little tender mercy happened this week
I have been feeling overwhelmingly blessed lately.
I can't explain it but I've felt a little selfish...
I have been praying so hard to have an opportunity to serve just to give back in some way or another
I have been looking into everything... literally everything 
but nothing really felt like me
I'm just not really the type to volunteer at the dog shelter, or an after school program
and there are no callings in our ward..
On our first Sunday at church the bishop met with Jack and me
He gave Jack his calling as 2nd counselor in the Sunday School and told me I would likely never have a calling in our ward because we are limited on callings.
Anyways Sunday I was fasting to have an opportunity to serve in a way that could emphasize my talents and make me feel like I was adding some sort of value to society
After relief society the president asked me if she could talk with me.
She asked if I would be the ward's social media director!
I know it sounds rather funny, but I guess our ward has a lot of inactive people and this could be a way to reach out to everyone in a less invasive way.
She wants me to create a space that inspires and unites the sisters of our ward daily
So I will do things like post inspirational thoughts, updates on the amazing things sisters in our ward do, missionary experiences I hear, or anything else that will uplift the sisters and try to bring our ward together more.
 It will also be a place to document all the fun things we are doing together and upcoming opportunities for other sisters to get involved. 
She said I could have full creative freedom to do whatever I want with it
Anyways I know this is a really simple thing, but for me it was a real testimony builder that the Lord hears and answers our prayers
I really hope it will have some sort of an impact on someone, but regardless it was a true answer to my prayers

I hope you all have a happy Monday :)